Restaurant & Bar

Highly regarded locally, our traditional Turkish restaurant has indoor and outdoor seating, and a reputation for EXCELLENT service.

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Delicious Food

The most stunning food experience. Our meals are known for being outstanding and well remembered.

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Authentic Wine

The wine bar flows with great Turkish wine selections - wine and good food pairing forever.

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Pera Turkish Kitchen & Bar

Pera Turkish Kitchen & Bar is one of the most sought-after restaurants in Lakeview East Chicago. This restaurant and bar serves authentic Turkish cuisine that blends traditional Turkish cookery with oriental influences. The restaurant has two floors functioning as a traditional food & beverage facility, as well as, as a private events space. Today you'll find a cheerful-looking dining room, where local celebrities can sometimes be spotted, and a verdantly landscaped patio, where tables for at least 20 diners are scattered amid beautifully potted flowers.


Live music and belly dancing are offered as a surprise occasionally. Saturday and Sunday brunches are also another gem of our restaurant. Menu items are updated interpretations of old Turkish specialties. They include Imam Bayildi, Orange Bronzino, Pera's Special, and Adana Kebab; delicious Salads; Veggie Salmon; and Warm Pear Salad served with homemade sauces made from authentic Turkish spices. Everybody's favorite drink is a "Turkish Wine & Cocktails" imported from Turkey.

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+1 (773) 880-0063

2833 N Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657